NEW IN 2016
Test your skills in this very funny game between archery and dodgeball. Come and challenge your friends, family or colleagues equipped with bow and arrows, harmless. In nature, be the new Robin Hood, the famous archer, or Katniss Everdeen, for whom the bow is her weapon of choice.
The rules are very simple: two teams clash over a defined area and must touch their opponents with foam tips for arrows. Early in the game the arrows are placed in the midfield and the game begins with a furious race to get his supplies.
Return to hide in your camp and try to touch your opponents to eliminate them.
Once all your arrows shot, you'll have to expose you to pick up arrows of your opponents on the ground. Watch out they are waiting for you !!
The game consists of an explanation (rules, how to play..) of 5 minutes and then 2 sessions of 20 minutes.
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