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Our park will be opened during 3 zones of holidays of February according to the weather conditions from 2 pm till 6 pm. Information and reservations in 06 16 99 07 95.
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Tree top Adventures
10 courses, 88 games and more than 600m of ziplines !
All our tree top courses are equipped of a lifeline continuous system which permits you to evolve safely. The safety hook is passed through a cable uninterrupted at  the beginning of the first game and removed only once the last game is finished: no more need to worry to be sure you are attached throughout the courses ! An innovative system, convenient and easy to use even for young children of 3 years old or more.
No more stress for accompanying people! The participant can no longer come off (except intervention of our security team): no risk of falling. Enjoy peacefully this system safe on all our courses certified to EN 15567-1-2 (European Norms) checked annually by independent technical and forestry organizations approved.
The activity begins with the equipment from a harness. Then a video will explain to you the safety rules and how to use the equipment provided.
You will be asked to do a test course (mandatory for all) so we can validate the implementation of these instructions. After that, you'll evolve independently in the park on the different courses of progressive levels. Each course has one or more zip line.
The Nature Evasion qualified team is at your disposal at all times on all routes:
-"Le coin des PIOU-PIOU": (very easy, less than 1m from the ground without equipment): from the age of 2 years until 6 years, accompanied by an adult (watching from the ground)
-Pink: from 3 years old, this course permits to the young children to evolve safely and have fun while improving their balance. An adult, must always be with the kids he is responsible of, from the ground in order to help them if needed..
-Green and Turquoise Courses: (easy) these two family courses are accessible from 5 years and to the whole family. It is a pleasure to discover the place from the trees on beautiful games and ziplines. Your little ones will be happy to do as adults. Especially if you make the journey with them: what pride for them to pass the same route as the parents!
- Red course (medium) (over 1.30m): This course progressing between 2 and 7 meters high assures you taking self-confidence to pass the various games: bridge, swinging nets and 2 beautiful ziplines.
-Orange course (Middle) (+ 1.30m): Will you dare to cross the climbing wall 9 meters high to access the special course "ZIPLINES" which has 5 zip lines, one from 100 meters: outstanding!
-Brown course (difficult medium) (+ 1.40m): This course offers games where your balance will be severely tested. Come play "Spiderman" in the vertical net ! A great reward awaits you, a great zip line through part of the park.
-Honey Courses (difficult) (+ 1.40m): Come try surfing, swinging up on several games where you will have to be agile.
-Black course (very difficult) (+ 1.40m) course reserved for over 16 years. Strength and agility will be needed to reach the end of this course: if you manage carefree the whole course and adrenaline motivates you, feel free to try (maybe you'll surprise yourself)!
- Prices include the equipment (harness, lanyards, hooks, pulleys)
-To access the games any young people under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult practicing or on the ground.
-Tips: sports clothing, gloves, long hair tied recommended, mandatory closed-toe shoes. You can onsider to wear your cycling gloves (if not, on sale at the reception)
-The adventure park may, in case of bad weather conditions (strong wind, thunderstorm with a risk of lightning, wind gusts), to temporarily or permanently evacuate the course for your own security. And no refund will be possible.
-A course in the trees is different from " tree climbing." Tree climbing is a registered term for an activity that is to climb and move roped to the trees without any fixed structure in the trees.
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